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    How To Break in a Woven Wrap…

    You’ve taken the plunge, bought a brand new woven wrap, but it feels a little stiff and perhaps not as snuggly as you might like. Here are some tips to make that wrap soft and floppy:

    • Wash it, steam iron it, tumble dry on a no-heat setting if available
    • Braid it, unbraid it, braid it again… Repeat the process continually whilst watching tv. For instructions, have a look here
    • Sit on it… fold it and use as a cushion wherever you go - at your computer, in the seat of your car, wherever you can think of
    • Sleep with it… cuddle up with it at night. Additional benefit here is that it will absorb your scent - your baby will love you even more for that ;)
    • Use it as a blanket… wrap it around a sleeping child (or yourself!)
    • Use it as a changing mat… self-explanatory ;)
    • Swing on it… my favourite. Take two people, one to hold on tightly to each end, place small child in the middle and swing. If you have suitable ceilings, you could attach hooks and tie on the wrap by its ends. Requires some knowledge of DIY ;)
    • Use it as a hammock… for a small baby, you could tie the ends of the wrap to the short ends of a cot/crib and place baby inside the middle of the wrap¬†
    • Send it travelling… get together a list of heavy woven wrap users - they’ll do the breaking in for you
    • Use it, use it, and use it some more…

    Do you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share?¬†

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